Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Zürich - Interaction Design Program

Sound in Interaction: Acoustic Display and Sound Design

Winter 2006-7


Yon Visell / Karmen Franinovic / Daniel Hug / Simone Lueling


Final Student Projects from the course

Visiting Experts:

D. Rocchesso (IUAV, Venice / Uni-Verona), P. Polotti (Uni-Verona / Conservatorio di Como), P. Susini (Ircam, Paris), G. Lemaitre (Ircam, Paris), S. Papetti (Uni-Verona)

This course is supported by the HGKZ, with additional support from the European 6th Framework Project CLOSED: Closing the Loop of Sound Evaluation and Design, and the Institute of Cultural Studies in Art, Media, and Design at the HGKZ.