Morning Session (roughly 1 hour) (DH)
  • Concept of Acoustic display
  • Object sound design
  • (30 min. Video on Industrial sound design)

Late morning / Afternoon session (YV)
  • Physical sound phenomenology/production (qualitative)
    • Physical sound characteristics (vibration, acoustics, impact, resonance...)
    • Sound patterns and higher level events; Gestalt groupings; natural patterns
    • Categorizations / phenomenology (after Gaver, Rocchesso)
    • Examples
  • Digital sound -- short overview
* Sound synthesis
    • Sampling, variation, amplitudes, physical modeling, granular synthesis
  • >>
  • Brief survey of sound software tools
    • Tasks: Editing, synthesis, performance, interactivity, game and lib

  • 1: Physical sound collection
    • Groups of 2 audiovisual recordings of found examples of sound produced through existing human physical interaction
    • How are sounds characteristic of human activity (rather than natural / random processes)?
  • 2: Physical sound synthesis (earth, wind, water, fire)
** Groups of 2 photo and sound recordings
    • Generate sound by constructing a physical process you manipulate
    • Describe process. Identify sound characterizing qualities.

  • Collective remix: water sounds
    • Create a sound design using all of the water sounds generated by the course participants. Each sound must be used, however minimally.