Day 3. Topic: Sound and Tangible Interaction

Theory (KF)
  • Sound and tangible interaction design :
    - Sound and enaction
    - Examples and issues from digital musical instrument design/gestural control of sound.
    - Examples and issues from product and interaction design (Process based design).
  • Design Methodology : Morphological analysis.
  • Analyzing and abstracting interactive, sonic and other proprieties of an object

  • Product Sound Quality.
    Record the same interaction with 10-15 same products that have the same function. Repeat as many times as you have time ;) Choose three groups of products to present. Explain which product in each group has best sound quality, according to you.
* Abstraction and analysis of interactive and physical proprieties of an artefact (Morphological Design Matrix)

  • Edit and upload audio-visual documentation.
  • Bring one objects in which the relation between sound and interaction is important (removing sound would make it uncomfortable to use or strange).