Day 5. Contextualized Sound Interaction Design

  • Brainstorming redux
* Analysis of field examples
  • Methodologies (Idea generation, testing, presenting for interaction design; context based research)
** Context-based design: accounting for users, locations (soundscapes) and actions.
    • Interaction design methodologies 2 : testing ideas in context.
    • Presenting ideas : use of future scenarios in interaction design.
  • Meeting with groups. Discussion of proposed schedule and logistics.

  • Contextualizing design ideas.
  • What is the context for your interaction/product? What is the meaning to be conveyed through interaction? Who are the people/users involved? Test your design ideas through bodystorming.
  • Presentation and critique

  • Initiate project
  • Complete physical sound synthesis challenge (results to be presented Monday)

  • Movie "Playtime", Jacques Tati (18h30-20h30)