Field sound research and Product property analysis

  • Make a wiki page for this exercise named AnalysisSurnameSurname
* Make Interaction, Sound and Context analysis of the four products (three from the field research and one from the product that you brought to class yesterday). Use the descriptors at the bottom of this page
  • Upload videos of three products from your field research under each description


Sound and Interaction Properties and Context description

Product: eg. bottle / glass / pen
Function: eg. containing liquid / drinking / writing

- Process of interaction
- Type : pouring, hitting (impact), pushing, cutting, stretching, licking, blowing, shaking, rolling, sticking,
pulling. ..
- Force : human, small, fast ...
- Human manipulation : how is the object handled? (eg. holding the object with one or two hands,
holding the object with lips and hand ...)
- Configuration : shape, size, structure (eg. handles), support, weight ...
- Surface properties
- Any other description

- Loudness, brightness, roughness (not related to material), timber, volume, pitch ...
- Source: aerodynamics sounds, liquid sounds, vibrating solids, fire sounds
- Material : elasticity, density...
- Configuration : shape, size, structure (ex. resonatig cavities), support, weight ...
- Surface properties (smooth, cold)
- Additional sound source properties : rythm of vibration, rhythm of repetition of sound events
eg. bouncing) ...
- Aspects of space : delay (reverb, echo), dampening, perspective, distance, resonance, echo ...
- Any other description you want to use (envelope, decay, speed, ...)

Location : Where is it in the city, in the building?
Soundscape :
- Interaction between the sound event of your product interaction and the soundscape
(position of your sound product, diminant sounds, shape of the space)
- Is your sound event localized in space or distributed?
Users : (what age, profession, nationality (tourists?)...)