Day 1, exercise 1 – Soundwalks

  • Work in groups of two
  • Make audiovisual recordings of a soundwalk
* Archive your sounds (before Wednesday’s class):
** Follow the rules on How to do this.
    • (For each video file, include link, include player, note your names, provide meaningful tags describing the sounds)
  • (Optional) extract audio and upload audio files to

Produced by: Daniel Völzke, Patrick Meister
Tags:sonic experiments, soundscapes around hgkz zürich

Produced by: Nina Meier, Matthias Peter
Tags: Soundscape in a Supermarket

Produced by: Chrisine, Luisa, Song
Tags: Carpenter's workshop psychomotors

Produced by: Compadres Marcel y Daniel

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Produced by: Daniel Senn and David Herzog
Tags: soundwalk shopping cart move paving noise

Watch the video

Produced by: Barbara Schuler & Stefano Teseo
Tags: Different sounds from machines in a printing-office

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