Final Projects

  1. Klingenstrasse by Song Vega, Luisa Beeli
  2. Sonic Fishing by Marcel Tanner, Daniel Völzke, Daniel Fischer
  3. The Thirsty Bottle by Daniel Senn, David Herzog, Johannes Kiesbauer
  4. Locker by Stefano Teseo, Barbara Schuler
  5. Putzmusik by Christine Kälin
  6. Game (All) Over by Janke Benjamin
  7. Acoustic Car Control by Nina
  8. Sonic Dining by Stefano Fumagalli, Stefano delle Monache, Stefano Papetti, Simone Lueling


  1. Listening - Soundwalks
  2. Describing sound produced through direct human action
  3. Soundmaking
  4. Product sound quality
  5. Product sound and interaction analysis

Media from Participants

  • Sound: Upload your finished sound files to Freesound and link to those from the wiki.
  • Video: Upload your finished videos to Your clip can then be embedded in playable form in the wiki. Clips are permitted to be up to 100MB in size, so you should be able to archive a reasonably high quality video in this way.
  • Images: Images may be directly included on the applicable page. If you use a photo sharing service like Flickr, please provide a link, and where possible, a thumbnail of the relevant image.

Please tag your media descriptively and meaningfully (see Lecture 1)

Please retain original copies of these media, and submit those at the end of the course on CD-R.