• Record the same interaction with 5-10 same products that have the same function.
* Repeat the process at least four times (four groups of products). Present one group.
  • Use sound descriptors to talk about sound quality of these products.
  • Explain which product in each group has best sound quality, according to you, and why.
* Upload four groups of products (4x5-10 videos) here.
  • Archive your videos below (before Thursday’s class) using your descriptors.
* Upload video files to blip.tv.
(For each** video file, include link, include player, note your names, provide meaningful tags describing the sounds)

  • Produced by: Johannes Kiesbauer and David Herzog
  • Tags: light switch zipper bicycle bell keyboard product sound quality difference compare


Produced by: Barbara Schuler, Stefano Teseo

Sounds of different kinds of papers and cartons torn apart

Sounds of typing on different keyboards

Sounds of different zippers

Sounds of different buttons

Produced by: Stefano Delle Monache, Stefano Fumagalli, Valerie Bugmann, Simone Lueling
Sound quality of (un)lock of various laptop

Produced by Kälin, Vega, Beeli
Sound of different sinks

Sound of different zippers

Sound of different doors

Sound of different papers1

Sound of different papers2

Sound of different buttons

Matthias Peter / Nina Meier
Sound of different Mouse Buttons, Space Bars and Something else.
Sound of Different Mouse Buttons and Space Bars