Monday - Friday during January 8 - 19, 2006
09h00 - 17h00
Room Sihlquai 11 (SQ11)

Week 1 (January 8 - 12)

  • Theoretical development, design exercises

Week 2 (January 15 - 19)

  • Day sessions (09h00 - 15h30): Group independent practical work (design studio)
  • Afternoon sessions (15h30-17h00): Supplementary activities / guest lectures / demos in interaction with CLOSED visitors (see mini-workshop schedule)
  • Friday January 19th (10h - Early Afternoon): Final presentations of work, SQ 504
  • Student Projects from the course

Week 1, Lectures and investigations:

Discussion? Questions?
Day 1: Monday, January 8th
Listening, Speaking about Sound (Slides)
Aristotle, De Anima, Book II, Chapter VIII

Day 2: Tuesday, January 9th
Acoustic Display, Sound and Interaction Design Intro, Sound Design (Slides included in Day 1) Describing sound; Real-world events and physical processes (Slides)
William Gaver, What in the World Do We Hear?
Describing, Soundmaking

Day 3: Wednesday, January 10th
Product sound quality; Sound editing and processing; Sound and embodied interaction (Slides)
P. Dourish, Embodied Interaction
Product Sound Quality

Day 4: Thursday, January 11th
Digital sound / synthesis (Slides); Sound-artefact abstraction and ideation; Project delineation

Field research and product properties analysis

Day 5: Friday, January 12th
Contextualized sound interaction design
Ideo, Experience Prototyping

A provisional schedule for the CLOSED workshop taking place during the 2nd week is available here for our visiting experts from Paris, Verona, and Venice.