Day 2, Exercise 2 – Soundmaking

  • Choose a primordial element
  • Produce one sound characterizing your element using physical means, without using that element. May use any other physical or mechanical means.
    • Example: Produce a sound characterizing aerodynamics (wind), without using aerodynamic sound
  • Make an audiovisual recording of your solution
  • Archive recording on Wiki, with description of production mechanism (materials used)
  • First submission: No digital processing
  • Second submission (option):
  • Digital editing and processing permitted.
  • You must note the precise digital processing used.
  • Upload video files to and post below
** Follow the rules on How to do this.
    • (For each video file, include link, include player, note your names, provide meaningful tags describing the sounds, indicate recording protocol where applicable)

Produced by: Stefano Fumagalli, Stefano delle Marche

See breif appearance in Spiegel Online

Produced by: Stefano Teseo, Barbara Schuler

We chose a cheminee fire.
It is done with a cloth to imitate the flickering, blowing sound and with peanuts to imitate the crackling, cracking sound of the wood burning.

Produced by: Beeli Vega Kälin

fire noise without a real fire

Produced by: David Herzog, Daniel Senn
We tried to imitate wind sound.
It's done by wiping a dry towel over a blackboard. The variation of the sound comes from the different distance to the microphon and the pressure on the towel.
(Unfortunately there is a relatively loud aeration in the background which makes this disturbing nois)

Watch the video