Moday 15.1.07
We decided to do a project in public space. What kind of sound do we have on the road? How can we interact on a place where allready a lot of sound is existing?
How would people interact on the road, walkin, driving, standing still etc.

We decided to analyse first one road wich is near the school and is called KLINGENSTRASSE.


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Klingenstrasse Pictures

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Street symphony

After long trials how to make a street interactive, Luisa and I came to the solution that the street bottom is the transmitter. The idea is, that the street has sensors they come every 6meters. They come in form of stripes and they have there own noise. They react on the speed how quick or slow the car or bike drives true, then they activate a street symphony. The street symphony has different noises from different places. The canalisation cap makes sometimes a gong or a bubble noise that cams from the bottom up, from the drainpipe trickles sand from the top tho the bottom, and from the basement window cams a twitter from birds. All the noises should be natural noises.

The major idea is that every street has his own rhythm as a transforming from the street name. So the person has an orientation or knows from the acoustics where he is. The bigger idea is to transfer the typical noise from the quarter and resound it to a little symphony.

Klingenstrasse instruments

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Klingenstrasse symphony

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Plan scetches

This sketch shows how the sounds came from. Some sounds came from the top another from the front and one from the ground floor.

Klingenstrasse in 3 different sections

This free sketches shows where the canalisation caps, drainpipes and basement windows are.

How to write a symphony for this road

Here we show how to create a sound symphony with symbols. Every noise has his own symbol. The last pictures show how where the sensors could be. Still the sensors have a own little noise because they are very small ties on the road. So a sound could be: dada dada tac dada dada tac or tactac tata tactac..